Receive Quay no. (4) from the Damietta Container Berth Rehabilitation Project || Jul 2020

On Sunday, 5/7/2020, the container berth No. (4) was received from the implementation of the works of the second phase of the rehabilitation project of container berths in Damietta Port, with a length of (126 meters), through the company executing the project (the Petroleum Projects and Technical Consulting Company). - Petrojet) Under the supervision of the Engineering Technical Office - Prof. Dr. / Bahaa El Sharnoubi, the station has conducted a successful experience of the passage of giant pier winches on the part received from platform number (4). The part that was implemented on the sidewalk is ready to receive the latest generations of the giant sidewalk winches, and is also ready for dredging and deepening works to reach a draft depth (17 meters) in front of the sidewalk safely and without obstacles. Admiral / Alaa Mohamed Ibrahim - Chairman and Managing Director of Damietta Container and Cargo Handling Company stated that work is underway in the implementation of the large and giant project of rehabilitating container berths in Damietta Port so that giant container ships can be received and that the company implementing the dock consolidation project (Petrojet) The works are being completed in the second stage of the project, which is (168 meters) from the beginning of the container berth No. (1). The second stage will be completed completely on 10/8/2020. And that the third stage of the rehabilitation project of container berths in Damietta Port will be berth No. (5) of length (210 meters) and part of Berth No. (3) of length (168 meters).