Health & Safety

The company is primarily concerned with safety and occupational health; this is clearly showed in the following policies:

  • Managing safety and occupational health matters like any other major and significant activity within the company.
  • Abiding by all the laws and legislations pertinent to safety and occupational health
  • Setting clear goals for safety and occupational health activities, while maintaining a regular review.
  • Continued improvement in applying means of safety and occupational health. Providing an environment that involves all members of staff in applying safety and occupational health policies.
  • Creating a healthy environment for staff.
  • Encouraging all; including visitors, contractors, and clients; to comply with safety and occupational health instructions.

To ensure the implementation of these policies, DCHC has established a management system for safety and occupational health, compatible with the international standard requirements OHSAS 18001-2007. The company's administration, with its working personnel included, will ensure that international requirements are met and continuously improved.